A330-900neo starts falling out of the sky

Hello. Since the release of this aircraft, I’ve had issues that are repeating over and over. Lets go over the main issue…

This issue would be described as stalling out of nowhere. Today I wanted to do an overnighter from Frankfurt to Grenada, I started the flight as normal, took off, started my initial climb to 3600ft, then to FL340. On my climb from FL230 to FL340, I started experiencing major issues. First of all, once the aircraft reached 2500vs, it decided to not live anymore and go up to 3000vs and started losing speed, I thought “OK, maybe it will fix once I get to cruise”, nope. Once I got to cruise, my VS went back to about -10fpm and my aircraft was still rapidly losing speed, which resulted in a stall, from which I could not recover, unless I nosedived into the ground. The aircraft weights at that time were the following:
Fuel: 68,700kg
PAX: 298
Cargo: 7,400kg

Does anyone know the possible issue here? If yes, please reply with your sollution. If not, please keep out of this conversation. Thanks!

I’ve tried to avoid the A339 as much as I could btw

Sounds like you are quite heavy. The A330-900 is quite underpowered and therefore can’t climb at 2500fpm very easily when high up. I’ve found that when flying that aircraft - my VS is at 1500fpm maximum when I get to around FL230.

It’s not an easy aircraft to fly.


2500VS is way too much for the A330-900. I’d go 1500 at the absolute maximum.

Also, you should level out once or twice between 3600 and FL340. That’s a huge altitude change without any step climbing.

A330 slow climb after departure is well documented. 2500 FT is a bit much. Aim for 2000 fpm max initially before reducing the rate of climb depending on total load.
While climbing to T.O.C, you should monitor the N1 settings and adjust accordingly whenever there’s an increase of N1 power %
Never allow N1 % to exceed 98% at any time.
You have climbed too steeply & too high for total load.

Try again and see if my suggestion works a treat and aim at a lower ALT than FL360.
It’s a slow climber aircraft and suits those who loves to slow climb at a steady speed😎

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See also linked topic below for further information on climbing with the A330

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