A330-900Neo not on Fpltoif

I am not sure where to put this category wise as Im not having an issue with IF but I noticed the a330neo isnt on fpltoif is there a way it can be added

The reason for this is due to the performance being rather similar to the A330-300 variant. With performance figures being a bit too close to represent the need for having the -900 separately. The -300 has been doing the trick for everyone since launch, so using it shouldn’t be a big issue! :)


Okay thank you

Actually, the reason the A330-900neo is not included is actually because FPLtoif utilises SimBrief. Aircraft profiles that are found in FPLtoIF are actually mostly, if not all, default aircraft models found on SimBrief.

With the A330-900neo only coming to simulator platforms not long ago and being a very new plane as a whole, there’s yet to be a default profile to be made for the A330-900neo.

As you can see, it is because of this, there’s no A330-900neo. If you were to also look on SimBrief, other planes that are found in the real world might also have inaccurate or missing templates as a whole.

Perhaps this might make more sense. Hopefully the people at SimBrief will bring a default A330-900neo profile sooner or later as it’s also an aircraft type coming to other simulator platforms too.


a330neo simbrief profile

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Thank you im going to fly the neo for the first time later today

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