A330-900neo Flight problems

I am now Flying for about 188hrs “non stop” with the A339 and since the last 30-40hrs i experience some issues when i decend to land at about 10.000ft till short final the Aircraft acts very strange.

I fly 240/180/160/140/130 changes during decend and final. My weight is at about 10-2%. The Winds are also normal nothing to say thats its coused by it. and the Aircraft starts acting like its stalling but then recovers it self. all whit Aouto Pilot active. When i disable it an take manual control the inputs has an huge latency i would like to ad an Replay but currently i’m still flying.

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Hmmm strange… what is your trim at?

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Its 30-40% always that much that the little purple bar disappears

We’ve heard some reports of this, but 188 hours of continuous operation is really pushing the limits for any piece of software and strange things can happen (numbers are likely “overflowing” at this point)

If you have a replay, it would be great if you can send it over to me (cameron@infiniteflight.com) but there’s no guarantee we’ll be able to address this as it’s so hard to repro


Okay yeah sure i will do that when i finished 👍. And yes i am aware that bugs can appear after that much time. So its also helpfull to find those bugs so they can be reported 😅

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