A330-900neo flap track fairings are too big

I’m not sure if this has been reported or not but I searched and couldn’t find anything about it.

I have noticed that the A330-900neo flap track fairings in IF are much larger than they are in real life.

Infinite flight

Real life

This is also not a case of the angle the camera is at making it look bigger, because the angles between the 2 photos are pretty much the same and the fairing closest to the fuselage in the IF picture has a clear size and shape difference than the real life picture. Hopefully this can be addressed.

Hello Jack,

Whilst I certainly see the difference you are talking about in regards to your two photos postage above and how it may not be “realistic” as the shape is different, I personally believe that this is a very minor detail that may get fixed in the future, but for the moment this isn’t a show stopper bug where it is impacting immensely on a users experience.

The Infinite Flight team are currently devoting their attention to more pressing bugs and issues at hand that would have a larger impact on the user experience.

Fingers crossed though, that this can be amended some time in the future.

Thanks for pointing it out.

Take care mate!


Understandable. However even though it is considered a “small issue,” this isn’t like some tail logo being slightly off color or livery text being 1 font size too small. This kind of issue makes the wing look significantly different then how it is supposed look in real life. I always thought that the A330neo wing in IF did not look right and it wasn’t until today that I finally realized why it didn’t look right.

Of course, you are correct in that there are more pressing issues at hand to be fixed. But I hope these types issues that may seem small aren’t continuously pushed off.


I completely understand what your saying and don’t get me wrong, I would love to see this issue fixed as well eventually.

I don’t agree though that “small” issues are being “pushed off” and that’s certainly not the term I would use. I believe the team are prioritising the issues which would have a more significant impact on the user experience if not resolved first.

Fingers crossed this can be fixed in the future though to make the A330-900neo even more beautiful than it already is.

Take care mate!


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