A330-900neo Climbing Speed Issuue

Hey guys, so I have this issue, when ever I am climbing to cruising attitude, my A330-900neo starts to loose it’s speed even tho I am doing usual procedures and I am not overweight.

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The A330 and NEO are underpowered compared to some other planes of its category. Can you verify your vertical speed?

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Have you tried step climbing, to bleed off weight?

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Yes, of course. It only happened at climbing


It was 1800

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When I reached cruising altitude, it stayed at M

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M0.84 is a bit fast, the maximum you should do it 0.82.

All of my cruises are M0.80. The A339 and A333 are pretty underpowered so you should be around +1500 V/S around FL250 and even down to +1000 V/S approaching your cruise altitude.


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