A330-800[NEO] Video!

Some really cool A330-800 video on Facebook thought you all would enjoy it!


It’s worth subscribing to Airbus on YouTube, they have lots of great content like this regularly posted!


Oh defiantly, they post a lot 😂


Looks like the A350.

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Hmm the link doesn’t work for me

Seeing the Next generation A330 is great as the A330 is a phenomenal aircraft that has been built by airbus. One of my fav aircraft and pretty much the only aircraft I like from airbus. Can’t wait for delta to receive their neos

Being on the Boeing’s side, I must say that airbus YouTube vids are great and are worth watching.

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I’m excited see the 330-800! I hope it’s successful the video is absolutely amazing of it!

All I know is how they record the shots in mid air, An aircraft flies next to it😮

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Awesome video and a beautiful aircraft. 🤤

I LOVE the new winglets!

New aircraft looks amazing, specially the new engines.

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