A330-300 Winglet Inaccuracy

Dear Infinite flight developer,

I don’t know if anyone has ever noticed this, but the winglet of the A330 on Infinite flight is slightly different from the actual A330, as you can see from the picture I attached, the winglets from the actual a330 are more pointing inward instead of outwards

Winglets of a330 from IF

Winglets of a real a330

Thank you for your attention.


You can start a vote for this in the #features category, only available for TL2 members.

But yeah, it’s not really that inportant but it’s inportant to stay realistic with great details, i would vote for this

Hi, thanks for your reply, I hope this posts will somehow catch IF Developers attention though, I know it’s a small details, but would very much appreciated if any developers sees this posts, and I’m sure it’ll only be a small twist for them to fixed this to make the A330 more realistic on IF.

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The devs will fix it in the future upcoming updates

I’m almost sure the main difference you see in this photo is due to the different camera angles. Someone with a pro sub could take an in-game screenshot from the same window comparing the real and IF wingviews to confirm, with an image overlay.

Unlikely… even in the very distant future

And anyway there are much bigger modelling issues with the A330. They should be addressed first before something small like this.

I can guarantee you this will never get fixed lol

Love the positive attitude here (:

But besides that;

There’s definitely a minor angle discrepancy here. It does however looks worse with our cameras having some fisheye (or smth) optics on it. It will be noted internally, but poking around in the 3D model isn’t something that’s likely to happen soon as it wraps up a whole lot more. Textures gets obscured etc.

Thank you for the report :)