A330-300 Wing view (I need your help)

I need some help on what a Mid-Wing A330-300 window view would look like. I need people to put their own pictures of the selected view down below(I will show a picture on where im sitting)

It is because I am flying on one in april and have a mid wing view on the way there. I was wondering what it would look like and if it has a nice view

somewhere in the red circle I need people to put pictures of them sitting there (If you have some)

Thanks and hopefully this was clear enough


You could just take a look from within the aircraft in the app. :)
That’s what simulators are good at simulating, right?


I found this website quite useful when deciding where to seat, the wing is more accurate there, just be aware of different aircraft configurations


That’s what I see in IF lol

Hmm, I treid that method too lol. Just seeing what it would look like irl. Thanks for the reply

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Oh thats actually a really helpful website


Yeah thats true haha


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