A330-300 Veers of the runway with flaps fully extended

I was taking off at Chicago O’Hare and got up to 160 knots when my plane veered to the left. This is just ridiculous as the A330-300 is a perfectly symmetrical model and the wind was around 8 knots, I don’t remember which direction.
Device: I-Pad 3
iOS and app version: I don’t remember, as this was 1 year back, but since no rework happened to the A330-300, I expect it to be the same.
Note: In search I couldn’t find any similar topic, so if you find one, close this one.

Made this after @david closed this: Whoops! forgot to get the A330-300 after I reseted my I-Pad to Factory Settings and then using my backup. And its FA-4 time in here! (FA-4 is basically one of the six sets of exams we have each academic year in CBSE system of education) Guess I have to wait until 5 or 6 February!

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A little too fast for takeoff?


Maybe, but I was at nearly full load so I guess it’s the right speed. I also read in an encyclopaedia that 160 is the right speed for most airliners to take off.

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It was the wind most likely

Huh, did this happen 1 year ago?


Everything’s normal…


flaps 2 max


Could be that but most airliners don’t have that problem in that wind.

Around 1 year ago, but didn’t know there was this forum back then.

8 knots is quite a lot. Probably the wind catching your tail.

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Try again with flaps 2 and throttle max ;-)

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I didn’t know that. Maybe they could add some feature which show the preferred configuration for each plane, in each situation.

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Maybe, but I always set the wind to face my plane directly.

I can’t now, but I’ll do it when I can.

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THIS IS THE MAIN REASON I MADE THIS TOPIC:This is just ridiculous as the A330-300 is a perfectly symmetrical model and still this happens.

  1. it’s over a year ago

  2. It hasn’t happened to anyone else, so probably a fault in your end

  3. You don’t give a whole lot of information, so again probably a fault in your end.


Okay, I’ll check again. This might happen on Friday and Saturday as on only those days I’m allowed to touch the I-pad only on those days for long enough to find out (Friday and Saturday are weekend days here in U.A.E.).

There is a specific calculation for that
Review v1 vr v2 just dont use 160 as a benchmark
On the other hand use 20% of flaps not full


Actually this happened to me too while taking off with the A330, i started my roll and at ~150 knots i rotated but the plane turned sharply to the right and even up wouldn’t go, it would just stay on the runway and turn sharply to the right without even applying the rudder and i ended up drifting around the airport…but i had flaps at 1+F

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Exactly the same scenario here

Thanks for the info!!!