A330-300 take off & Landing

Causal Server …Today i decided to fly the Airbus A330-300 . Oman Air , plane A40-DJ at KDCA Ronald Reagan Airport. Using all three runways approaches, 15,19,22 . Practicing tight turns under 300kts at different heights with approaches tight . Enjoyed the A330-300, excellent control even with crosswinds on 15 using rudder was smooth throughout approach, upon runway keeping in central. Also like the turbine sound and max thrust . Excellent stopping distance too


Hey I just wanted to say that, you get better resolution if you go in replay mode and click the button with a camera and a little square.


That is from replay , i shall change setting on graphics and repost

Nice pics but what happened in the 1st, 4th and 8th picture?!

He said it, he was doing tight turns at 300 knots

Oh yes ok, but those kinda turns might not be realistic…just saying

Yeah, i think he did it in casual or solo server.

1st , 4th , 8th pic , i was doing tight turns at 2000ft at 250 and 190 kts return to runways 2 miles out feeling the aircaft capabilities on low throttle

Not realistic exactly, i like to test when using a unknown aircraft its capabilities and feel in all conditions

Oh ok…quite nice actually

He cropped the images weird

Good pictures but maybe just as a little tip is to edit the graphics of the pictures a little :)! Also what happened in some of the pictures where you were completely banking? It’s not that realistic sorry.

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I understand about the banking, simply showing the tightness of turn i was using with the A330-300 as most aircraft i have used so far on this type of return approach have stalled , thus losing altitude fast and sometimes not regaining. Hence the purpose i do these test to seek there limitations and handling characteristics. Even fully loaded to max ,these test are done . Great power too upon take off , Great Aircraft indeed

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