A330-300: My Best Shots

So… it’s been awhile 😌

With the release of 21.4 I pushed myself to go and take some pictures of the new A333, the results… well you’ll find out 😉

Inspired by @Suhas amazing guide to IF Photography which you can find here

Anyways here they are, enjoy!

  • Server: Expert and Solo
  • Route: A variety

Obviously I can’t not include the amazing cockpit with a title card.
Idea by @Suhas

Air Canada inspired by @AndrewWu’s B777 shot, I just added that Airbus twist to it. Landing lights weren’t working for this one and no this is not an excuse for not turning on the APU when switching off the engine. 😊

Aer Lingus on final in Málaga to get away from that brutal Irish weather! Málaga is underrated, the scenery is actually beautiful!

Swiss over the Swiss Alps!

South African loading up at FACT getting ready to start it’s journey!

Lufthansa departing a foggy Munich!

Obviously I had to add Qantas into this! Here she is pushing back with an Air Austral in the background finishing their flight!

Oman Air departing Muscat heading towards the moon!

And finally, Singapore Airlines touching down into the recently updated Singapore Changi!

That’s all everyone!

Thanks for stopping by and who knows we might expect another topic from me soon…👀



Wow! I love all these pictures. I really think the Aer Lingus shot is excellent.

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Thank you so much, the Aer Lingus shot is also my favourite!

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Locely pictures, that Air Canada A330 looks majestic!

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Great shots! My favorite is that Air Canada! It really turned out great!

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It sure does, glad you enjoyed it Oskar!

Yeah it really did, big difference from the original vs the edit.

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Lufthansa A333 + Munich + Fog = Perfection.

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Look at this beauty Air Austral 😍 (I think it was me btw not sure…)

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The user was unidentifiable but glad you enjoyed the shot!

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Amazing photo this is!

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These photos look so good bro. Amazing job!

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Thanks a lot, glad you enjoyed them!

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