A330-300 Long Haul EGCC - KMCO

After the release of the A330-300 rework I did a pretty interesting route…

I decided to do the route of Manchester Airport to Orlando International in Virgin Atlantic A330-300 It was a really nice flight with a flight time of 8 hours and 15 minutes.

I have a couple of photos I’d like to share!

Departure out of Manchester Airport

Some photos around KJFK area

And finally arrival photos!

Overall, I would suggest this route if you like transatlantics!


Beautiful photos mate!

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Thank you!

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Amazing pictures! ✈️

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❤️❤️❤️ thanks boys

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Great pics! It used to be a Virgin 747-400 route, did the A330-300’s based at MAN end up doing it after? Not sure as Virgin retired the 747 when COVID hit so hence the routes dried up.

One of my fave routes! VS75 or VS73… used to be operated by the 747-400. Now conceded by the A330-300. I do think at some point we will have the 789 or A351 on this route!

Majority of Virgins 747s were took out of service due to covid, and a lot of them were retired.

Also I do have these too!

It certainly was great when the 787-9 and A350-1000 started some routes at MAN. Eventually HiFly A330NEO seemed to start operating the new Pakistan routes at MAN for Virgin. Personally think the 787-9 is best placed at MAN out of the 2 aircraft, the A350-1000 just seems a bit too much for the routes there…

Once flights are closer to normal post-Covid (fingers crossed!!!) I think Virgin are best keeping their A350’s exclusively at LHR. The arrival of their A330-900NEOs will suit MAN and LGW (if they stay at LGW). I wish they would keep their A330-200’s (will be retired when the -900 arrives) as they just seem that perfect size for certain leisure routes!

The HiFly NEO was there to cover for PIA flights mate

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