A330-300 klas - egll

Server: Casual
Aircraft: Airbus A330-300 G-VSXY
Airline: Virgin Atlantic
Flight route: KLAS - EGLL
Flight Time: 11hrs 22mins

Impressed with the range of A330-300. Actually thought at some point the Aircraft would be going for a swim in the Atlantic, but oh no , the calculations were correct with just over 65,000 remaining fuel , flying at 20,000ft at 300kts

At KLAS , 01: 28

Take off , 01: 10

Heading out of Nevada at 5000ft

Halfway across the state of USA

Approaching the Atlantic Coast

As the Sun sets

Over the Atlantic

Landing at 09L EGLL


Cool pics! Btw, the A330 can fly longer then KLAS-EGLL, it can fly up to around 11000km with normal weight.

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Did you cruise at 20,000ft lol ?

20,000ft Cruise? Are you sure? If you cruised higher it would be much more fuel efficient and flight time effective. The usual flight time from LAS-LHR is about 9hrs35mins. Not sure if you did that on purpose or aren’t sure about cruise altitudes but it don’t matter I suppose…

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Thanks for the info Canton

Thats right

Yes i did know with regards to the 30,000ft , i did 20,000ft so when i woke up ill be just arriving over England lol

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