A330-300 im about to giveup

There i ws on cruise for a12hr flight was on fl36 mach85 AP on was about to sleep so i monitored for another 15mins everything looked stabilised when i wokeup the next morning i had crashed an hour after i had slept wats it that im doing wrong if i may say its the 4th time ive crashed with this plane



Can I ask you what altitude you were cruising at before the aircraft stalled and then crashed?


Fl36 mach85

M.85 is way to fast for an A330. The normal cruisespeed will be between M.80 and M.82 depending on weight and altitude. Also FL360 is too high with these weights. I reccomend using stepclimb when flying this bird.


Keep in mind you cant just immediately go to 360 when you are that heavy and expect it to not drain fuel. Thats why step climbing exists is to be able to properly manage fuel consumption


Idk what heading you were at, but start at 320, then go to 340, then you can go to 360 more twords the end of your flight.

Going straight to max cruise is only used for shorter flight and/or light aircraft.

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I understand the step climb procedure but on other planes i cruise without a problem including the old dc10…

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The DC10 and MD11 are like that IRL - the engines are extremely powerful and can propel the aircraft rather high even when the aircraft is very heavy.

The A330 is not like that…


To add onto what Ben just said, the DC10 is also an old aircraft from the Infinite Flight fleet.

And the A330 is very underpowered IRL and in the sim, you regularly see the A330 using the longest runway at some airports even though it’s not the ATC preferred one (LEBL is a perfect example).


something I thought would be a good idea is to mention in simbrief you can untick the plan stepclimb proceedure and it will give you the best economical cruising height for fuel and weights, I use it when I do overnight flights and can’t be by my phone for many hours


Agreed , Too high , too fast. A330’s NEO or older engine versions need step climb profiles when heavy.

Mach 0.85 is out of the planes performance envelope, particularly at that weight and alt. So once you got into this condition and went to sleep , it was slowly dropping airspeed. Would have done the same thing if you were awake and monitoring it without correction.

Like others said M 0.80 to M 0.81 is your limit .
Also FL340 +/- until you lighten up and step up to get there.

Next time watch your N1 at cruise, ( stay at or below 84-87% also your AFF average fuel flow (Find that on the load page) and your Speed Tape. to make sure its not in a slow creep down.

Not sure as a general statement why so many IF users fly aircraft without reading up on the performance limits ??? We have this free tool called the Inet and Google. There is enough out their on the A330 family that you could probably build one lol and certainly fly one.

Study your bird carefully follow the numbers and flight characteristics closely and all should go fine.


but what if you’re asleep?🤔

Better to stay low for relatively long and consume some more fuel than to stall because of going too high


Thanks for your advices mate :)
(Useful, imma use it too)

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No problem mate, that’s where the IFC is for. To help eachother out😉


Wow good to know…

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“Eye of the Pilot” has been mentioned in Zurich-Miami flight A330. You can review it, so I think the A330 is the closest to reality. I basically use it to fly long distances.

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I recommend you review your replay as you can see exactly what happened, what your speed was, etc etc there.


I agree this makes the most sense. Evidence based advice seems to have the best chance of being useful.

As far as testing, I tried the OP’s aircraft at their given weight, altitude and speed. They seem to have been at the cruising altitude before leaving the device. And stated the crash happened an hour later. So fuel consumption was not a factor.

I tried different wind conditions, temperatures, and turns. Flight seemed stable under all conditions. AoA was usually 3 degrees, increasing to 4 during turns.

The mach number is not a factor. And altitude does not seem to be a factor, the best I could tell.