A330-300 Iberia new Livery


The beautiful Iberia Livery

•Registration: EC-LZJ
•Airbus A330-300

a beautiful livery like this could not miss on our flights. I really love this Iberia livery on this aircraft. unfortunately we only have only her in the Airbus a321, Boeing 747-200 and CRJ-1000, but I love this livery like so many other people too.


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Thanky sir. ;)


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Dear Devs. We need this livery… we don’t have Iberia long haul plane as 747-200 is retired


it’s really true👍


Nice livery 😍


I totally agree with you! I would love to this beautiful livery on the a330. It would look magnificent 😍


That’s awesome,
I also want the A320 to appear on the sim.


For short haul plane we have a321 and crj
We only need now is long haul plane


Amazing colours 😍
I hope they will add this…


A320 used to make short routes!


Such a very beautiful livery 😍😍 id love to see this in IF


Gonna bring this to the top


Sadly this livery didn’t make it to the update, I was wishing this one so much, but hopefully will be added eventually along with the old one.