A330-300 Generic livery with General-Electric CF6 engine

As you might know, to this date, the Generic livery on the newly reworked A330-300 came with the Rolls Royce engine.

However, I would prefer (and I hope I’m not the only one) if the generic livery came with the GE engine option.
If you are not familiar with the Engine I’m talking about, here are some pictures:

This is the engine currently on the livery:

This is the engine I would prefer on the livery:

If possible for people preferring the RR engine maybe the generic livery could come with both engine options.
This is a weird request for sure but I would really appreciate if it made its way to the sim!

Photo sources:


Both of those actually exist in IF

It’s only on certain airlines within the aircraft.

That is not the point 😅
What I meant was only for the Generic Livery

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wait you literally meant for the generic livery?

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Yes as mentioned in the topic title

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Well since they have RR engines, I can basically go for this request although I’m not part of the staff, we still need votes

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Exactly, I think the GE engines would be better for the A333

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I agree but we don’t know when it’s gonna happen

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That’s the thing with livery request 😅
But let’s hope for this year 🤞 thanks for the vote!

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Your welcome!

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Bumping this very weird request…


May I ask you why & what difference would It make? Asking out of curiosity! ;)

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I’ll give simple example in addition to just a preference for the CF6, AFKLM uses the A330-300 generic livery for AirFrance Flights which are A330-200 IRL and it has the CF6 engines. So it’s both for preference and aesthetics
This is not a must have I would simply prefer it with the CF6.

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I see! Well then, I hope the devs would listen and respond to this small request!

It would be nice if small requests like these would get worked on! It would really show that they care about the simplest details.

I wish they fixed liveries more often. :| so many livery errors in this sim.

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Yes especially I don’t think this would affect performance… And hopefully only changing the engine type isn’t something too difficult to make…

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I don’t know what goes behind the scenes, but surely this would be a piece of cake of a request to make.

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I’m going to bump this request!

I still think this engine option would be better.

This is not a big deal… but it seems the General Electric CF6 engines on the A330-300 needs to be a lil more rounder by the intake… or is it just me? 🤷🏽‍♂️


This makes me very confused, it changes nothing but the looks, and it is still an A330 anyways after the change.