A330-300 Flight Planner and integrated FCOM


PAX NUMBER Alas, I do not plan to update the pax number. Just make sure the TOW is the same in IF and the file before flying. It should be possible.


Hi,.please redownload from the following link :

I have made some corrections (flap deployment speeds for CONF 3 and FULL, dewpoint effect, erc.) And added a few things here and there, particularly regarding climb.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think


Hi all,

I noticed that very few people seem to fly the great A330-300 these days. Obviously, this will change soon when it gets thoroughly updated!

I originally planned to share this file when we get the new aircraft, but as it seems that I have completed the job a bit faster than the devs could build the updated version 😉, I decided to share it straight away!

I am confident that, as the flight model already matches (as far as I can tell) what the FCOM says, it should not change much, so the only thing I will have to correct once the all new aircraft comes to life will be related to my home made power settings calculator, which is based on IF solo mode measurement rather than real life values and hard data anyway…

This Planner includes far more runways than the A330-300 can use (over 39000!), so wherever you want to fly, your origin and destination airports should be included, with actual runway altitude, TODA, width, and even slope and displaced threshold when applicable. So if you fill-in the weight, wind, atmospheric pressure, temperature and dewpoint, it will let you know whether you can safely take the thing off the ground or not (and in which configuration… 1+F, 2, or 3), and later if the runway you want to grease/butter on is long enough (again given its LDA, your plane’s weight,the wind, pressure, temperature and humidity), without blowing a tyre (max GS computed for you), burning your brakes, overshooting the whole thing or getting fired!

It calculates for you how much power you need for takeoff, climb, then for your first cruise level, which is also computed for you. You will also get the adequate V1,V2, VR and Vlof given the parameters filled-in and the configuration selected.

Then, if you ever wondered at what exact speed you should retract whatever set of flaps you took-off with, the thing will tell you!

And again, when slowing down, it will tell you at what exact speed you should deploy them :

1 @ xxxkt
1+F @ xxxkt
2 @ xxxkt
3 @ xxxkt
Full @ xxxkt

…and give you the correct Vapp given the weather parameters filled in and your calculated landing weight.

Finally, once you landed, and if you use the great IF operation app, simply type in your touch down VS, and you’ll know whether or not you’re back searching for a job (or if it is safe to attempt to fly the plane again)!

You can also choose the weight per PAX and baggage as per your favorite company SOP, decide your taxi time, out and in, and the safety fuel required by yoir boss.

Once done, set the expected flight time given by fpltoif (extremely important!) and you are ready to go! The fuel needed is displayed and your TOW calculated. Don’t forget to set this in IF to match the file!

I hope this might help some of you decide to fly this bird more often, or want to read the readily available FCOM to learn more.

Feed back is much appreciated, particularly from long haulers, since I can only fly short trips for real life reasons… any question is also much welcome of course.

Nb: the file is big because of the airports’ list!!!


Wow! You did a great job on this, it’s very detailed. Book marked!

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Definitely gonna try this out can’t wait until 21.4
(if everything goes according to what was announced) to try this out!


You did an incredible job on this! Definitely going to use it as soon as the new A333 is released! Well done 👏

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This is so well put together! Excellent work, thank you so much😊.


I will definitely use this!

Really good mate wow!

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Wow this is amazing man! Well done👍

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Wouldn’t call something that punishes you for climbing “the great”

Thank you very much!

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Al right, but the actual A330 is good, and it is there! 😉

You are most welcome,.thank you for your appreciation.

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Thank you! I am glad you enjoy it.

Thank you very much!

Oh well, yes… but as I never fly ot heavier than 190t, it is ok! 😉

This is so epic! Thank you for doing this! This is some payware quality stuff we’re getting here… do also check out his A320 and 757 perf calculators based on the FCOMs, they’re wonderful too!

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Also, which FCOM did you reference? Was it the Lufthansa one? I briefly went through the document but I wasn’t able to locate such detailed info, especially the FLEX to N1% values. Well done on this!

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Thanks very much. I will check which Fcom I have based things on (it is in my PC at home).
I am happy you find this nice.

Side note :The ATR-72 FCOM is ready! Simply hoping and waiting to get a chance to try it! 😉

I’m currently flying the A330 and glad that I came at the right time :D

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I have this bookmarked and for the time being, I’ve been playing with it using the Aerosoft 330 for P3D v5. Absolutely incredible work!

Any chance of getting the option for inHG with LBS as the weight unit? Plus the ability to mix between imperial/QNH and Metric/Altimeter setting, and Knots/Meters Per Second? that would be awesome for international ops, and would save a lot of time in manual conversions.

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