A330 - 300 extreme glitch

Idk why there is this terrible glitch where you can see heaps of lines and also block your vision of where you are going. Does anyone else have this issue as well this aircraft?

What version of Infinite Flight are you using? Have you tried to reinstall the app (while also saving replay files)?

Are you able to provide a screenshot?

Sounds very much like the issue we had with the 19.1 update.
If it’s not been resolved with the following updates, reinstalling is required as the A330 aircraft package is corrupt on your device.


Based on what your describing it looks like an issue that can be resolved by a simple reinstall. I’ve had that happen occasionally and reinstalling always works.

I’ll get a screenshot

How do I reinstall it on iOS and I also have a subscription. Will it interrupt it or delete it?

No if you reinstall you don’t have to buy the subscription again. You just have to sign back in.

To reinstall an application, simply tap and hold the application you want to delete (Infinite Flight) and then press the X, choose the delete option. To reinstall the app simply head over to the App Store and re-download it again.

You will then be able to log back in while having your subscription active.

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Thanks guys

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