A330-300 Cebu Pacific Livery

Hey IFC! I will head to the point on why did I make this topic… the a330. A wonderful aircraft in my opinion but it could use some more liveries that’s why I specifically chose Cebu Pacific since it’s only on the a319 and a321 in the IF fleet…


Credits to JetPhotos for the picture.

To let you guys know, Cebu Pacific is a low cost carrier here in the Philippines and has 8 a333 in their fleet.

What do you think?

Hello, seems like a nice livery. I like it.
But there is already another thread present for it, please search before posting. I must say though the thread is old so might wanna talk with mods to get the old one closed and keep this open


Whoops! Sorry didn’t know there was a topic already… I’ll just delete this!

They will just probably close this.

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Yeah that’s true, flag this for clousure

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