a330-300 autopilot issue?

I dont know if someone have the same issue, but I am flying from EGLL to KATL and the altitude setup to 36,000, every time I click the ALT button the plane go in to deep dive. I manually went up to 36000 and then press the button and then Again deep dive. Is any problem with A/P today?

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Was it highlighted orange when you pressed it?

Speed stable M 0.85, trim 0%. Gear up, NAV on, spoilers off, flaps 0.

M0.85 is a little fast for an A330 since they normally fly at around M0.82, Anyways I’ve never heard of this issue. Were the winds calm? what was the aircraft’s weight?

Yeah, is gray now because every time I turn it on “orange” do the deep dive

Oh okay, Just for now put altitude off and leave the V/S at 0

I normally fly a330 M .85 and no problems before. Winds 37kts NW. aircraft is heavy but definitely way under MTOW.

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Hey there,
There is a really known issue when the aircraft “dives” up or down during final, after turning off the A/P.

  • Please make sure to hold your device into a comfortable position and hold it. Pause your flight and press “Calibrate”. Then disengage the A / P.

Okay, have you tried flying at a lower altitude? Perhaps 33000ft ?

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Yeah thats what Im doing now, but I was wonder if it was an issue with A/P for this plane. I love Airbus, I fly a330, a321 almost daily and never had this problem.

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I fly A330s sometimes, They fly decently but they do need a very low altitude in the first 1500nm of the flight.

That was it!! The calibrate. I pause and recalibrate and fix the issue. Weird because I did calibrate at gate. Do I have to calibrate every so often in fly?


No, you don’t have to calibrate in-flight but you should stay in the same position if you are going to disable A/P

For Example: I takeoff at my desk with my legs crossed on the chair, I need to land in the same position.

I always fly them between 35000 and 39000 no problem at all. I flew same route one time (real commercial flight) EGLL TO KATL and the pilot push this baby to 40000😮😮, I was like damn this guy is really pushing this bird lol.

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Ah ok cool thanks for the tip👍🏻👍🏻

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40000 Is acceptable since this is a long haul aircraft :)

Glad to hear it worked. 👍

You Calibrate the device in order to reset your controls. The controls of course, is the free movement of the aircraft, whenever turning off your A / P, or Autopilot.

Calibrate and follow the rule before Final or Takeoff, and when the autopilot is off.

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