A330-300 acción buttons

iPad Pro
A330 accion buttons are missing or not?

I have only a few buttons for the a330. But i can remember there are more. Or is this just a update.

Hey there, they were removed in a past update as the developers are looking to simplify this area.

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Okay, thank you. Now I know it.

Only one missing in the action, Door Cockpit. I don’t know why they remove Door Cockpit action but it shouldn’t be removed because it’s not part of passenger door.

It is a byproduct of the removal of the other actions. Given that all removed actions include a door, the cockpit door action removal might have been unintentional.

Well, they should bring back Door Cockpit action in later update if possible. I really like that realism especially when people make IF Cinematic.

I hope. Some actions are missing what makes more realistic for your flight

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