A330-300/200 rework

hi ifc, i’m happy with all the updates in infinite flight in 2019.
As 2020 is fast approaching and we know that it will have the boeing 777-200 which will be completely reworked and arrive from the cloud, I think it would be time to refurbish the A330 family, not forgetting the Airbus A330 - 200F and 300 by adding the 200 passenger series.
personally I hope it will not be a soft touch because I would find it really disappointed with all the money I pay for a subscription.

  • what should we add?
  1. new livery vary

  2. gear tilt ( for more better butter landing.)

  3. wing flex (not necessary already add to update 19.1)

  4. better deflection of the ailerons when the hydraulics and engines stop and also on takeoff, taxiing, flight and landing.

  5. live cockpit instrument.

  6. better engine sound (example: Rolls-Royce Trent 700)

  7. better view on the wings.

  8. speedbrakes

  9. better design for flaps.

with all that it will make a better experience on the airbus a330 and on infinite flight or even a better landing thanks to the gear tilt on the A330.

This has already been noted internally: