A330 200f :)

I figured I’d have a whirl in this today, after many flights in the new 330s. IMO she handles just as well as her updated sisters.

Route: Istanbul to Manchester
Server: Training

  1. Pushback.

  2. Takeoff Runway 34R.

  3. 36,000 ft.

  4. Short final Runway 23R.

  5. Touchdown.

This aircraft remains very easy and enjoyable to fly.

Thank you for checking out my photos.


Didn’t laura say a while back they have the same physics?

I could be wrong

I don’t know tbh I’m relatively new on here. It didn’t feel any different

Nice shots! Hopefully the a332f gets a rework as well soon

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If only that thing had gear tilt, that’s all it needs to be the beauty the A332 is!

Btw nice pics!


This photo is my favorite!! Amazing shots!

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