A330-200F Route Database


Photo Credit: @Babacar


This is the database for all Airbus A330-200F routes! I spent about 17 hours total time working on this database. UPS is not included because they do not have an A330. Flights are organized in numerical order by flight number. Every flight should be included, let me know if some aren’t there.

I could use some help gathering flight numbers for the Etihad cargo routes, so that would be much appreciated!


Etihad Cargo
Flight Number Departure ICAO Arrival ICAO Flight Time
Turkish Airlines Cargo
Flight Number Departure ICAO Arrival ICAO Flight Time
TK6205 LTBJ EGSS 3hr 30mn
TK6205 EGSS LTBA 3hr
TK6205 LTBA EGSS 3hr 5mn
TK6205 EGSS LTFM 3hr
TK6206 LTBA OMDW 3hr 55mn
TK6206 OMDW OPKC 1hr 30mn
TK6206 OPKC LTBA 5hr 40mn
TK6206 LTBA OPKC 4hr 25mn
TK6206 OPKC VCBI 3hr
TK6206 VCBI LTBA 8hr 45mn
TK6207 OPKC LTBA 5hr 10mn
TK6208 LTBA VOBL 6hr 35mn
TK6208 VOBL VOHS 45mn
TK6208 VOHS LTBA 6hr 50mn
TK6210 LTBA UTTT 3hr 40mn
TK6211 UTTT LTBA 4hr 50mn
TK6211 UTTT UAAA 1hr
TK6211 UAAA LTBA 5hr 40mn
TK6215 LTBA LEMD 3hr 25mn
TK6215 LEMD LPPR 45mn
TK6215 LPPR LTBA 4hr 15mn
TK6216 LTBA UAAA 5hr
TK6216 UAAA ZGSZ 5hr 40mn
TK6217 ZGSZ UAAA 6hr 35mn
TK6217 UAAA LTBA 5hr 10mn
TK6219 UTSA LTBA 4hr 25mn
TK6219 VABB LTBA 6hr 40mn
TK6220 LTBA UAAA 4hr 35mn
TK6220 UAAA ZGGG 5hr 5mn
TK6221 ZGGG UAAA 8hr 35mn
TK6221 UAAA LTBA 5hr 15mn
TK6222 LTBA OTHH 3hr 25mn
TK6222 OTHH VAAH 2hr 40mn
TK6223 VAAH LTBA 6hr 40mn
TK6223 OTHH LTBA 4hr
TK6224 LTBA UAAA 4hr 40mn
TK6224 UAAA ZGSZ 5hr 30mn
TK6225 ZGSZ UCFM 6hr 20mn
TK6225 UCFM LTBA 5hr 25mn
TK6227 LTBA UUEE 2hr 25mn
TK6228 UUEE LTBA 2hr 30mn
TK6232 LTBA VABB 5hr 50mn
TK6233 VABB LTBA 6hr 20mn
TK6233 VABB VAAH 50mn
TK6233 VAAH LTBA 6hr
TK6234 LTBA OERK 3hr 35mn
TK6235 OERK LTBA 3hr 50mn
TK6236 LTBA VABB 5hr 35mn
TK6237 VABB LTBA 6hr 10mn
TK6238 LTBA OEDF 3hr 15mn
TK6239 OEDF LTBA 3hr 40mn
TK6240 LTBA OERK 3hr 30mn
TK6240 LTBA GOBD 7hr 35mn
TK6241 OERK LTBA 3hr 30mn
TK6241 GOBD LTBA 5hr 45mn
TK6242 LTBA OEDF 3hr30mn
TK6243 OEDF LTBA 3hr 50mn
TK6244 LTBA OERK 3hr 35mn
TK6245 OERK LTBA 3hr 40mn
TK6246 LTBA LLBG 1hr 30mn
TK6247 LLBG LTBA 1hr 40mn
TK6248 LTBA LLBG 1hr 40mn
TK6249 LLBG LTBA 1hr 40mn
TK6251 LTBA UUEE 2hr 25mn
TK6252 UUEE LTBA 2hr 25mn
TK6253 LTBA UUEE 2hr 25mn
TK6254 UUEE LTBA 2hr 20mn
TK6260 LTBA VOMM 7hr 10mn
TK6260 VOMM VOHS 50mn
TK6260 VOHS LTBA 6hr 45mn
TK6268 LTBA UAAA 4hr 35mn
TK6268 UAAA ZGSZ 5hr 35mn
TK6269 ZGSZ UCFM 6hr 25mn
TK6269 UCFM LTBA 4hr 55mn
TK6291 LTBA DGAA 6hr 30mn
TK6291 DGAA EGSS 6hr 20mn
TK6291 EGSS LTFM 3hr 15mn
TK6292 DGAA EHBK 6hr
TK6292 EHBK LTBA 2hr 30mn
TK6293 LTBA GOBD 7hr 10mn
TK6293 GOBD DIAP 2hr 30mn
TK6294 DIAP EBLG 6hr 15mn
TK6294 EBLG LTBA 2hr 40mn
TK6303 LTBA HSSS 3hr 40mn
TK6303 HSSS HKJK 2hr 30mn
TK6303 HKJK LTFM 6hr
TK6304 HKJK LTFM 5hr 45mn
TK6305 LTFM EGSS 3hr 15mn
TK6305 EGSS EHBK 45mn
TK6305 EHBK LTBA 2hr 55mn
TK6309 LTBA EHAM 3hr
TK6310 EHAM LTBA 2hr 50mn
TK6311 LTBA EKBI 2hr 55mn
TK6311 LTBA LROP 55mn
TK6311 LROP LFSB 2hr 10mn
TK6311 LFSB LTBA 2hr 20mn
TK6311 LTBA LOWL 2hr 15mn
TK6311 LOWL EKBI 1hr 20mn
TK6311 EKBI LTBA 2hr 40mn
TK6312 EKBI LTBA 2hr 45mn
TK6312 LTBA ESSA 3hr
TK6312 LOWW LTBA 1hr 50mn
TK6313 LTBA ESSA 2hr 45mn
TK6313 ESSA EFHK 40mn
TK6313 EFHK LTBA 2hr 55mn
TK6313 LTBA EFHK 2hr 45mn
TK6313 EFHK ESSA 45mn
TK6313 ESSA LTBA 2hr 50mn
TK6315 LTBA EFHK 3hr 5mn
TK6315 EFHK ESSA 45mn
TK6315 ESSA LTBA 2hr 45mn
TK6316 EFHK LTBA 2hr 55mn
TK6316 LTBA ENGM 3hr 5mn
TK6316 ESSA LTBA 2hr 50mn
TK6317 LTBA EFHK 2hr 45mn
TK6317 EFHK ENGM 1hr 15mn
TK6317 ENGM LTBA 3hr 5mn
TK6321 LTBA DNMM 5hr 55mn
TK6321 DNMM GOBD 3hr 10mn
TK6321 GOBD LTBA 6hr 40mn
TK6322 DNMM LTBA 6hr 15mn
TK6322 GOBD LTBA 6hr 10mn
TK6323 LTBA LIMC 2hr 35mn
TK6324 LIMC LTBA 2hr 10mn
TK6325 LTBA LIMC 2hr 25mn
TK6326 LIMC LTBA 2hr 15mn
TK6328 LTBA LSZH 2hr 40mn
TK6329 LSZH LTBA 2hr 10mn
TK6331 LTBA DTTA 2hr 10mn
TK6332 DTTA LTBA 2hr 15mn
TK6333 LTBA DAAG 3hr 5mn
TK6333 DAAG LSZH 1hr 50mn
TK6333 LSZH LTBA 2hr 20mn
TK6342 LTBA LLBG 1hr 35mn
TK6343 LLBG LTBA 1hr 40mn
TK6348 LTBA LLBG 1hr 35mn
TK6349 LLBG LTBA 1hr 40mn
TK6351 LTBA LEBL 3hr 5mn
TK6351 LEBL LFSB 1hr 15mn
TK6351 LFSB LTBA 2hr 25mn
TK6353 LTBA LOWW 1hr 45mn
TK6354 LOWW LTBA 1hr 45mn
TK6355 LTBA EKBI 2hr 50mn
TK6356 EKBI LTBA 2hr 50mn
TK6358 LTBA VABB 5hr 45mn
TK6359 VABB LTBA 6hr 15mn
TK6360 LTBA UTSA 3hr 30mn
TK6361 UTSA LTBA 4hr 25mn
TK6366 LTBA OJAI 1hr 50mn
TK6366 OJAI HKJK 4hr 45mn
TK6366 HKJK LTFM 6hr
TK6368 LTBA UTSA 3hr 40mn
TK6368 UTSA LTBA 4hr 10mn
TK6380 LTBA LSZH 2hr 30mn
TK6381 LTBA EBLG 3hr 40mn
TK6381 EBLG LSZH 35mn
TK6381 LSZH LTBA 3hr 30mn
TK6382 LTBA OTHH 3hr 20mn
TK6383 OTHH LTBA 3hr 50mn
TK6385 LTBA LEMD 3hr 40mn
TK6386 LEMD LTBA 3hr 20mn
TK6387 LTBA UKBB 1hr 25mn
TK6387 UKBB LHBP 1hr 15mn
TK6387 LHBP LTBA 1hr 30mn
TK6389 LTBA UKBB 1hr 30mn
TK6389 UKBB LHBP 1hr 25mn
TK6389 LHBP LTBA 1hr 30mn
TK6391 LTBA UKBB 1hr 20mn
TK6391 UKBB LHBP 1hr 20mn
TK6391 LHBP LTBA 1hr 30mn
TK6397 LTBA DAAG 3hr 10mn
TK6397 DAAG LIMC 1hr 35mn
TK6397 LIMC LTBA 2hr 10mn
TK6398 LTBA OMDW 3hr 50mn
TK6398 OMDW VOMM 3hr 45mn
TK6398 VOMM LTBA 7hr 30mn
TK6401 LTBA EBLG 2hr 45mn
TK6402 EBLG LTBA 2hr 55mn
TK6407 LTBA EDDF 2hr 30mn
TK6408 EDDF LTBA 2hr 20mn
TK6411 LTBA LEMD 3hr 45mn
TK6412 LEMD LTBA 3hr 20mn
TK6419 LTBA GMMN 4hr 35mn
TK6419 GMMN LIMC 2hr 50mn
TK6419 LIMC LTBA 2hr 15mn
TK6420 GMMN LTBA 4hr 5mn
TK6424 LTBA UAAA 4hr 50mn
TK6424 UAAA ZGSZ 5hr 45mn
TK6425 ZGSZ UCFM 6hr 25mn
TK6425 UCFM LTBA 4hr 55mn
TK6426 LTBA OKBK 3hr 45mn
TK6426 OKBK HKJK 5hr 10mn
TK6426 HKJK LTBA 5hr 55mn
TK6431 LTBA UMMS 2hr
TK6431 UMMS LOWW 1hr 35mn
TK6431 LOWW LTBA 1hr 40mn
TK6444 LTBA ORBI 2hr 20mn
TK6445 ORBI LTBA 2hr 35mn
TK6446 LTBA ORER 2hr
TK6447 ORER LTBA 2hr 10mn
TK6455 LTBA HSSS 3hr 45mn
TK6455 HSSS HKJK 2hr 35mn
TK6455 HKJK LTFM 6hr
TK6462 LTBA FAOR 9hr
TK6462 FAOR HKJK 3hr 30mn
TK6462 HKJK LTFM 5hr 45mn
TK6468 LTBA HECA 1hr 45mn
TK6469 HECA LTBA 1hr 45mn
TK6472 LTBA OTHH 3hr 30mn
TK6472 OTHH VGHS 4hr 55mn
TK6473 VGHS LTBA 7hr 50mn
TK6474 LTBA UCFM 4hr 35mn
TK6474 UCFM ZSPD 5hr 40mn
TK6475 ZSPD UCFM 6hr 40mn
TK6475 UCFM LTBA 4hr 50mn
TK6476 LTBA OOMS 4hr
TK6476 OOMS VOHS 3hr
TK6476 VOHS LTBA 6hr 55mn
TK6477 OOMS LTBA 4hr 30mn
TK6484 LTBA UAAA 4hr 45mn
TK6484 UAAA ZSPD 5hr 5mn
TK6485 ZSPD UCFM 6hr 35mn
TK6485 UCFM LTBA 5hr
TK6492 LTBA HUEN 5hr 40mn
TK6493 HUEN LTFM 5hr 25mn
TK6497 LTFM EHBK 2hr 40mn
TK6498 EHBK LTBA 2hr 50mn
TK6501 LTBA DNMM 6hr 35mn
TK6501 DNMM DGAA 40mn
TK6502 DGAA EHBK 6hr 15mn
TK6502 EHBK LTBA 2hr 45mn
TK6503 LTBA DGAA 6hr 20mn
TK6503 DGAA EGSS 6hr 25mn
TK6503 EGSS LTBA 3hr 5mn
TK6505 LTBA HUEN 5hr 35mn
TK6505 HUEN FMMI 3hr 30mn
TK6506 LTBA FMMI 8hr 40mn
TK6506 FMMI HUEN 3hr 25mn
TK6506 HUEN LTBA 5hr 25mn
TK6507 LTBA GOBD 6hr 45mn
TK6507 GOBD DNKN 3hr 35mn
TK6507 DNKN LTBA 5hr 35mn
TK6508 GOBD LTBA 7hr 5mn
TK6509 LTBA EBBR 3hr
TK6510 EBBR LTBA 2hr 35mn
TK6512 LTBA FZAA 6hr 40mn
TK6512 FZAA HKJK 3hr 10mn
TK6512 HKJK LTFM 5hr 40mn
TK6516 LTBA UAAA 4hr 35mn
TK6516 UAAA ZGGG 5hr 5mn
TK6517 ZGGG UCFM 5hr 45mn
TK6517 UCFM LTBA 5hr
TK6521 LTBA UAAA 4hr 30mn
TK6521 UAAA ZSPD 5hr 5mn
TK6522 ZSPD UCFM 6hr 35mn
TK6522 UCFM LTBA 5hr 10mn
TK6524 LTBA UCFM 4hr 30mn
TK6524 UCFM ZGGG 5hr 5mn
TK6525 ZGGG UAAA 5hr 35mn
TH6525 UAAA LTBA 5hr 15mn
TK6528 LTBA UAAA 4hr 35mn
TK6528 UAAA ZGGG 4hr 55mn
TK6529 ZGGG UCFM 6hr
TK6529 UCFM LTBA 5hr 5mn
TK6536 LTBA OKBK 3hr
TK6536 OKBK VGHS 4hr 55mn
TK6537 VGHS LTBA 8hr 10mn
TK6538 LTBA UCFM 4hr 35mn
TK6538 UCFM ZGGG 5hr 5mn
TK6539 ZGGG UAAA 5hr 25mn
TK6539 UAAA LTBA 5hr 15mn
TK6548 LTBA OTHH 3hr 25mn
TK6548 OTHH VOMM 4hr 25mn
TK6548 VOMM LTBA 7hr 25mn
TK6554 LTBA HUEN 5hr 55mn
TK6555 HUEN LTFM 5hr 25mn
TK6560 LTBA OBBI 3hr 20mn
TK6560 OBBI VGHS 5hr 25mn
TK6561 VGHS LTBA 7hr 50mn
TK6575 LTBA UMMS 2hr
TK6575 UMMS LYBE 1hr 45mn
TK6575 LYBE LTBA 1hr 10mn
TK6576 LTFM EBLG 2hr 40mn
TK6576 EBLG ENGM 1hr 35mn
TK6576 ENGM LTBA 3hr 15mn
TK6577 LTBA LKPR 2hr 5mn
TK6577 LKPR EYVI 1hr 15mn
TK6577 EYVI LTBA 2hr
TK6577 LTBA EYVI 2hr 5mn
TK6577 EYVI LKPR 1hr 30mn
TK6577 LKPR LTBA 2hr 15mn
TK6578 LTBA OBBI 3hr 25mn
TK6578 OBBI VDPP 7hr 50mn
TK6579 VDPP VOHS 3hr 35mn
TK6579 VOHS LTBA 6hr 55mn
TK6585 LTFM EHBK 2hr 45mn
TK6585 EHBK LFSB 45mn
TK6585 LFSB LTBA 2hr 25mn
TK6586 EHBK LTBA 2hr 45mn
TK6587 LTFM EHBK 2hr 40mn
TK6588 EHBK LTBA 2hr 40mn
TK6591 LTBA EYVI 2hr 10mn
TK6591 EYVI LKPR 1hr 20mn
TK6591 LKPR LTBA 2hr
TK6592 EYVI LTBA 2hr 15mn
TK6596 LTBA VOBL 6hr 45mn
TK6597 VOBL LTBA 7hr 20mn
TK6603 LTBA EDDF 2hr 30mn
TK6604 EDDF LTBA 2hr 25mn
TK6605 LTBA EDDF 2hr 40mn
TK6606 EDDF LTBA 2hr 25mn
TK6611 LTBA UKBB 1hr 30mn
TK6611 UKBB LOWL 1hr 45mn
TK6611 LOWL LTBA 1hr 45mn
TK6615 LTBA ESSA 2hr 55mn
TK6616 ESSA LTBA 2hr 45mn
TK6617 LTBA EHAM 2hr 55mn
TK6618 EHAM LTBA 2hr 50mn
TK6622 LTBA OJAI 1hr 45mn
TK6623 OJAI LTBA 1hr 50mn
TK6625 LTBA HSSS 3hr 35mn
TK6626 HSSS LTBA 3hr 35mn
TK6645 LTBA LEBL 3hr 5mn
TK6646 LEBL LTBA 2hr 45mn
TK6648 LTBA LLBG 1hr 35mn
TK6649 LLBG LTBA 1hr 40mn
TK6653 LTBA OLBA 1hr 30mn
TK6653 OLBA OJAI 1hr 25mn
TK6653 OJAI LTBA 2hr 35mn
TK6654 OJAI LTBA 1hr 50mn
TK6674 LTBA UGTB 1hr 45mn
TK6675 UGTB LTBA 1hr 55mn
TK6676 LTBA VIDP 5hr 30mn
TK6676 VIDP VOHS 1hr 55mn
TK6676 VOHS LTBA 7hr
TK6677 LTBA LKPR 2hr 5mn
TK6678 LKPR LTBA 1hr 55mn
TK6682 LTBA VIDP 5hr 25mn
TK6683 VIDP LTBA 6hr
TK6690 LTBA FAOR 9hr 5mn
TK6690 FAOR HUEN 4hr
TK6690 HUEN LTBA 5hr 30mn
TK6753 LTBA EDDK 2hr 40mn
TK6754 EDDK LTBA 2hr 30mn
TK6756 LTBA ORBI 2hr 20mn
TK6757 ORBI LTBA 2hr 35mn
TK6779 LTBA GABS 6hr
TK6779 GABS GUCY 1hr 5mn
TK6779 GUCY LTBA 6hr 45mn


Old topic got closed (thanks a lot @system) so I made a new one

Don’t forget UPS :p

why is their a UPS A330F?!?

UPS owns none 😂 Maybe we could add it and put down A300 routes that they operate.

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Well that’s the most niche route database I have ever seen 😂

I notice that ups doesnt have the a330f in rl. So…

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