A330-200F Landing Gear issue

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Device Information

_iPhone 12 Pro iOS 13.3

Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?



_Upon gear retraction, A330-200F gear supports comes through the wings

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • _Load a flight in A330-200F
  • _Takeoff and retract gear

Expected results

_Landing gear supports do not come through the wings

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hi can you provide your app version , device and answer the “yes/no” question please? also do you have any pictures?

This is in the post

iPhone 12 Pro 13.3

21.1 (931)

Photo is included

oh sorry, the info was supposed to be in the grey area. Sorry. Also do you have a pic of the landing going through the wings?

The photo is in the post…

i dont see the gears, only the wings and it looks fine to me

Yes, as mentioned the landing gear supports…

ok i see, i’ll try on my game and see if it pops out

Able to reproduce, also the animation is faster than it should be (like here)

Samsung Galaxy S10; Android 11; 21.1 (1476)

I have had the same issue with the 777-300ER but not as bad

Able to reproduce
iPad mini 2020
Was just about to make a topic on this

Able to reproduce,

iPhone 11, IOS 14.5

IF 21.1 (959)

iPad Mini 4th gen, IOS 14.4

IF 21.1

(In the right account now =D)

Should be fixed now


Still appears on the right wing, fixed for the left wing.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
Android 7.0
21.1 (1496)

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