A330-200F High Pitch Beeps

Dear IFC,
I know that I have been making a lot of topics recently, but…

When I was flying the a330-200F above KLAX (In casual server), I started hearing very short, high pitch beeps. It happened to me about 5 times in 10 minutes, and I wanted to know what it was.
Thank you.

P.S. I didn’t stall, overspeed, or get any violations…

Was your internet speed good? Because some times it lags and the sounds sound weird

Are you able to reproduce it? If so, can you please do a screen recording capturing it?

What device are you on? Some devices will beep if they begin to overheat.

I had good connexion on an IPad.

I can’t seem to reproduce it, but it only beeped when I turned.

Sure you didn’t get a bank angle alert?

No, it didn’t say anything on the top of my screen…

Does infinite flight have a back angle alert?

Some secret IF CAS that nobody told us about?

Do you know if it was your device or IF. Did you have a low battery or very hot phone?

No, 75% and a normal temp. iPad…

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It’s not the plane, it’s a software glitch when someone appears on your screen or the engine sound sample loops again, it plays a sound if an engine at full power. I know how annoying it is and i’ve had it happen often. Just fully restart your device after this and it won’t happen next flight.

Could it be related to this.

What did you do after it happened? How did you stop it?

Like I said earlier, I know exactly what this glitch is. I have spoken with devs before about it and It is exactly what i said earlier.

Ok. Could you link that topic or discussion? Just so the user can compare and be sure?

It was a long time ago. I don’t think i have it still. it was in a PM.

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Thank you, i will restart my device.

I did, and it isn’t fixed…

Hmmm. You said it happens every 5-10 Minutes? Does it sound like a engine at full throttle?

No, more like an overspeed signal accelerated a lot…

@Robertine if it is still happening coyld you please screen record and record audio. It would help the devs and mods very much.

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