A330-200F Drifting Uncontrollably?

Question. I did some take offs at Dubai international with the A330-200F, wind just 04knts. Everytime in my take off around at speed of around 80 knts, the plane pulls all the way to one side in a sudden move. Uncontrolable. Is this a bug? Or am i doing something wrong here? Flaps where full.

The A330 is a very old model in IF and mostly everything is messed up or incorrect so just have to wait for a rework.


Also, another thing is that you probably shouldn’t takeoff with full flaps. You might wanna keep them around 15 to 20%. Also, if that wind was a crosswind, even though it’s small, it’s possible that it just moved your plane a tad to the left when you rotated.

Ok daniel. Thanks for taking the time to reply!

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Good to know, no full flaps. It started pulling way before the nose went up.

Remember to also use rudder inputs, and to rotate at the appropriate speed’s.

Yes, i do use the rudder when needed. And with the A330-200F a rotate at 180 knts the latest. (Sometimes at 170 knts) is that correct?

Well, maybe not that fast. Depending on how heavy you are, you can rotate around 135-140.

Great, i will try that from now on. Thanks!


You might also have auto-coordination on. That could possibly veer your plane off course when on the ground.

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