a330-200f & 300

Does anyone find the A330-200F & 300 sligtly annoying to fly?
Like kind of sluggish, or just touchy?

I don’t know why, but for some reason I don’t like the way this plane flys, regardless of Weight/Balance setitngs.

However, I must say it is in my opinion the best plane to Land, easy and smooth.

Please comment…


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It’s easy to land because for some reason the distance between callout “10” and the ground is longer than it should be.

In my opinion the Airbuses in the App (A330, A340 and A380) don’t look like the real ones, but I like them.

I just started flying the a330 and it’s not touchy for me. Also I always have to use low percents on landings. (No I am not descending rapidly)

The a330 in infinite flight was the first fully animated so there are a lot of bugs