A330-200 window seat Claustrophobia

Some tine ago I was on a KLM A330-200 from KIAD to EHAM. I had a window seat, one thing i noticed was that it was a very small space due to the shape of the fuselage. Has anyone else noticed this & felt claustrophobic? I certainly was & in a wide body aircraft! WOW!


Were you towards the back of the plane?

No I was at the wing.

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I’ve never been on an a330 so I don’t know

Ok then, well when you do, beware the claustrophobic window seat

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is there a pic?

no, i had my camera stolen on that trip

oh sorry…

Man cramped on a plane and camera stolen. Seems like that sucked.


No It was stolen when i was in Italy, I just flew KLM there.

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This window?

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Afferm, did you find it claustrophobic

I fell bad…the A330 is a wide body so I can’t tell you why your trip was bad! But it should not be called a wide body😥😥

It is a wide body, just the window seat is claustrophobic, all other seats i’m cool with :-)

A330s are quite large, I would rather a death on the side no the middle. The middle is more cramped.

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Middle is alright if you’re the only one in the row of 4 seats Oli 😉

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If only that could happen. That’s why you buy business class ☺️

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Not all pax are as rich as you are 😂 Jokes


lol you make it sound like the window seat is claustrophobic.

If you looked at the title, you would know that is EXACTLY what this whole topic is about.