How is the a321 a competitor to the 757?

The A321 is trying to take some of the Beoing 757’s amazingness. Do you want me to create a poll?

Yes please!

  • Airbus A321
  • Boeing 757

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@Henrik_B beat me to it. Better make sure the 757 wins…


I have a better poll:

  • StretchBus
  • The Definition of Amazing (B757)

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20/80 right now! (757)

No one voted for it. It’s so amazing that it voted for itself.

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No airliner can be as sexy as the 757😍

A321 for the win!


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A321 is a competitor to the 757 because it is the aircraft wih the closest payload to the 757. ETOPS, much better fuel efficiency, and rver longer range sweeten the deal even more. Only disadvantages are loss of some cargo payload and amazing hot and high performance

Come on its always the A321

isnt the 757 older though? so of course the a321 will win. American already replaced its 767 flights from KLAX to PHNL with the 321

If Boeing made a newer 757 it would beat the a321 but they won’t 😭

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Yes the Boeing 757 is older.

Also correct, some airlines are replacing their older 767s with A321s (Delta, American)


If the 787-3 wasn’t cancelled, the a321 would of had actual competition.

Guess I have no room to be judgemental I haven’t ever road on an Airbus

The Boeing 787-3 in single-class configuration was supposed to seat at least 290. The Airbus A321-200 in max capacity seats 236. The Boeing 757-200 seats 239 in a single class configuration. The 787-3 is/was not meant to compete with the Airbus A321. More so with the Boeing 767-300 and Boeing 757-300

Yeah but what new Boeing will compete with a similar range and capacity?