A321neo First Flight

It looks like an A320ceo doesn’t it?😂


Urgh the engines made it look stubbier.


@Boeing707 That’s why I referred to it in bold😂

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True, fat engines are the giveaway though

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*The new A321, the A322neo!!!*😂👍🏼

Nope, looks like a “original” Airbus :P

Also its neo not ceo

The A320ceo is the current engine option. The Pratt & Whitneys and V2500s

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Oh…I didn’t know that.

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Just like soon the A330 will become the A330-200ceo and A330-300ceo because of the A330-800neo and A330-900neo 😉✈️

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My nightmare has just come true :?

What nightmare?

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Um…every plane being named ceo that it annoys me too far I’ll be screaming in my sleep :/

But then again…the plane looks cool you have to admit.

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Don’t worry, no A340neo planned, A380neo is planned and we won’t see an A350neo until we’re all in our 70s :D

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“sigh of relief”

Anyways, lets get back on the topic of A321neo (or ceo), shall we?

Okay, let’s 😅🙂

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Also, who is her first customer?

The A321neo? The ALC (Air Lease Corporation)

Is that a leasing company?

Anyways, what about airlines? Which airline will be the A321neo/ceo’s first customer.

I can’t find anything on an Airline

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Oh…thats a bummer.

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