A321LR - First Successful Test Flight!

That’s awesome! Congrats to Airbus.

I’m surprised I haven’t seen more airlines flying trans atlantic in the smaller narrow bodies. Norwegian is currently the only airline to monopolize on this with their Max 8s. I would defenitely like to see jetblue in on this, and maybe even southwest. The newer aircraft can definetely do it, and it would make traveling much cheaper.

Southwest doesn’t have hubs close to the Atlantic, I think that’s their issue. Plus small planes with long range let’s airlines especially LCC’ s to thrive

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Scroll down! Look what I said!

hopefully this will replace the 757…

You and me both. Here’s to fingers crossed we see the A321 taking over the B757! Don’t get me wrong the B757 is a cool looking aircraft and I’d like to fly on one soon, but they just can’t do for me what Airbus and specially the A321 has done.

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Ah, yes, the bizarre raccoon eyes again. Odd move, Airbus

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completely agree with you there mate

although i would be interested to know the range and efficiency of the regular 321neo

Great news! Can’t wait to see it in JetBlue colors!

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Primera is starting very soon with A321 NEO’s

If I were Boeing, I would be scrambling around trying to get plans for a 797 up now. This is a serious threat to their 757 replacement. Perhaps an unveiling of their plans soon?

I’d say release the plans by 2019-2021 perhaps?

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I had a few mistakes in the article, one being that i meantioned the Neo.

This has all been fixed 😉


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Didn’t know that, thanks! Next time I am transatlantic, I am looking for a smaller narrow body. (supposedly BA used to/still flies a318s from LCY to NY)

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