A321LR - First Successful Test Flight!

Above: The A321LR pictured outside of its hangar (Taken before first test flight)

Today Airbus flew their brand new A321LR (Long Range). Capable of flying 240 PAX up to 7000KM’s (4,350 Miles). Airbus believes it’s one of the most efficient, long range, single isle aircraft.

This opens up the ability to fly single aisle aircraft on Trans-Atlantic routes, as well as even Dubai to Beijing or Singapore to Sydney.

“The A321LR is a game changer” - Klaus Roewe (Head of the A320 program)

“It combines the super efficiency of a narrow isle segment with the capabilities of a wide body aircraft segment”. “We’re combining seat fuel burn with range capabilities and comfort”.

Airbus claims that the A321LR “is powered by CFM Leap-1A engines. Airbus said incorporating the latest engines, aerodynamic advances and cabin innovations, the A321LR offers a reduction in fuel consumption of at least 15% per seat from day one and 20% by 2020”.

My Thoughts: I can see this being useful on short range routes with low cost carriers, offering more seats and reduction in seat-fuel burn pricing. I prefer to fly on more comfortable, larger aircraft on longer routes in excess of 5 hours. However, i can see what Airbus is aiming to do here and perhaps more carriers will use single isles on longer routes. - This will be interesting to see


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These A320 aircraft already have massive range :P
Crazy considering the 737MAX 7 can travel a similar distance with just over half the passengers. I love the cockpit shades on that livery!!

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They’re not shades. The Windows have been sealed and covered for paint or whatever.


Yeah well you know what I mean… the “shade” type things around the cockpit windows. They are on all A350s in service as well.


Oh the black paint!! Now I know what you mean haha sorry my bad!


I meant “shades” like sunglasses 😎 haha


If I’m not mistaken, there are a few carriers that will use them for trans-atlanatic flights. Not sure if I’d consider that short haul :)


Air New Zealand would disagree it considers Auckland to Honolulu short Haul and it’s 8 hours 😂😂😂

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That’s seriously wicked. Haha

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But it is a 777-200ER / 787-9 not a A320 for the 8 hours.

So long as it offers the same or similar comforts to a 777 or whatever, I don’t see the difference considering I only ever walk up and down the one aisle haha


@Calaero your turn
Get the 797 flying

Also why do all the single Ile transatlantic planes look ugly?

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@schyllberg SAS has ordered 2 321LR ;)


Personally I’m surprised that WOW air isn’t all over this, wouldn’t be surprised if they convert some of their neo orders.

Aer Lingus have ordered these

Nice! I like the A350 style cockpit windows!

I don’t understand why Delta went for the A321neos instead of these. They would have been able to do a lot more with the LR.

Awww we’re all friends again!


Who wears it better?

Air Canada A321

  • A321LR
  • Air Canada A321

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Yes yes yes yes THANK YOU AIRBUS! #TeamAirbus. I mean so proud of this Carrier. I’d like to thank my mom and my dog and my Frontier Airlines buds at the tech center, the ground center, and the PR center.

Hopefully F9 decides to do longer flights using these (highly doubt it)

Bursts out lauging. It’s all a public ploy. I respect Boing for that but everyone knows the contention between the bombardier issue is not going to go away just for this. There is great contention and no one should think the two giants “friends”.

Something like Jetblue to Europe from BOS with free WiFi. Game changer