A321 when should I step climb

I am flying a jetblue a321 from Boston to san Francisco and flying at mach 0.78 and I’m at FL 300. I took off 30 or so minutes ago. When should I climb to FL 320, and then, if I should climb to, FL 340?

you don’t need to step climb



I strongly recommend that you utilize the resource that is linked below:

I would also recommend using a flight planning tool such as simbrief.com when planning your flights (if you don’t already) as this provides guides on when to step climb and what altitudes you should be at, at which waypoints.

Hope this helps you out mate!

I can’t get into simbrief without paying

If u use fpltoif.com you should be able to use simbrief for free. It has all of the things u needs v speed and even step climb

And also what waypoints u should adjust your flight level at for step climbing

Sim brief is free…???

If u use fpltoif.com

No, it’s free either way. The only thing you need is a free account.

I tried to make one, it said I need to pay. How do I make an account?


Click “No thanks, I’ll subscribe later” at the bottom.

Thank you, and now I can make realistic flight plans!

no worries and have fun

Though if you want the most realistic (real world) flight plans you need to use the current AIRAC Cycle which requires a Navigraph subscription.

You don’t need to use step-climb for that route.

For the question of: during flight does a step climb help or not?,
I’ll mention the thought I had in a prior post:

it might be interesting to have a selectable data option of

Fuel Economy = Fuel Flow/TAS

If you can’t get that ratio to go down as you climb, then you have no advantage in climbing.

(winds of course complicate this, but the basic question to answer first is: how efficiently do you use fuel to move through the air, even if the air in which you move is itself carrying you along as it moves; you want a fast boat irrespective of the river speed…)

This gives you the best distance covered on a unit of fuel. Beyond the best fuel economy consideration there is only flight safety (enough reserve power for winds changing etc., and safety margin above stall speed etc.)

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