A321 Visibility issue

Sometimes when flying the A321 (in cockpit view) the nose of the plane is pointing up while the plane is descending, I can’t see the runway and sometimes have to go around and land in HUD view, I would just use APPR, but it’s the a320 family which has issues. What am I doing wrong so the nose points severely up

Maybe sharing your replay could help us solve your issue

I don’t have any replays of it since I delete them to save space

You are possibly just flying too slow. What speed do you land the A321 at? It should be 150kts on landing (with full flaps), somewhat faster than the other members of the A320 family.

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I think I was 180 but I didn’t have all flaps deployed if that makes a difference

Try configuring the aircraft the way it’s meant to be for landing, and flying it at the speed it’s meant to land at. You may still be slightly nose up depending on your weight, but you can always accelerate a little to get it to level out.


What about trim?

That is far too slow for a clean configuration. If the angle of attack is too high, it generally means that you aren’t producing enough lift, so a solution is to either speed up or add flaps. I land in the 320 series with a pitch of usually 6-8 degrees for reference. Approach pitch is lower.


I dont use it because it’s a little confusing to me

I’ll give a quick explanation :)

Trim is used to alter the elevator slightly to help with controlling an aircraft, like if you’re constantly having to push down, adding down trim can alleviate that so you don’t have to push down anymore.400px-PHAK5-20
this image shows why trimming downwards makes you go up.

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Great graphic, thanks!

I sent you by PM a tutorial based on reality. I works like a charm

For flap configuration:

There’s a table right in the center console which says from which is the maximum speed at which you’re allowed to deploy the flaps. If you’re attitude is nose up you should deploy the flaps as needed and allowed + trim as others already stated.

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I didn’t get it could you send it again

It’s done, have a glance at your PMs.
Oh by the way, this tutorial works for all airbus except landing speed. With the A380 exception: it’s flaps 2 at 1 dot above glide.

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