A321 violently turning side to side at cruise

I was flying DEN-SJC today with an A321 and while I was at cruise the plane was violently Turing from side to side. The winds were a 40kt headwind which wasn’t the issue as there was no turbulence.
I’m on the latest version of IF
Latest iPad Pro
Latest IOS


This is a known issue and the team is working on it.


Ok thank you!!


Just watched the replay. It’s very weird that your airspeed is at 430kts at FL360. That is definitely an over speed and maybe is the reason your airplane is tossing like that side to side.

At FL130 you officially over-speed to 350kts+ And continue to do so until cruise.

Also KDEN is at around 5k elevation level so you should not have exceeded 250kts until around FL140-150 yet you were already at 280kts at what looks to be 2,000 feet above ground level.

The climb/decent profile of the A321 your flying is 250/300/78 78/300/250.

At FL280 the auto throttle goes into Mach mode. What that does is since the air is much thinner at those altitudes, you can no longer sustain 480kts so it switches to the Mach number instead.

So for you to be maintaining 480kts at FL360 on a A321 (and by the way I saw you managed your speeds after takeoff), you never went into Mach mode. Because you pretty much redlined it from 2,000ft AGL. I would say read up on the fight perimeters of the A321 before anything else


We have a speed restriction from sea level to 10,000ft MSL. Which means 10k above the sea level. So the OP was right to begin to accelerate at 5,000AGL as he wasnt breaking any restrictions.

This issue seems to have been there for a while even before the 19.3 update, this occurred to me in an A321 when I was flying from Denver to Dallas (in a Denver flyout hosted in April) it kept banking side to side then I crashed after disengaging AP because it was spiralling out of control

The replay doesn’t show air speed but ground speed, hence why you are seeing speed which is higher than 350kts.

Adding on to that I believe he would have anyway received some violations for over speeding

Yeah I would’ve but I didn’t. I think it may be a bug

I had this too but it was turbulence. It was 70 knots. Yesterday in Australia it was windy there anyway.

Mine wasn’t related to turbulence though.

Oh. For some reason for me it’s not bobbing up and down much now. Sometimes on final but very rarely during cruise.

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