A321 Vertical oscillation

Hey Guys,

Everytime I’ve been trying to fly the 321 I get crazy oscillations, during cruise the aircraft ends up going into a stall because it’s so bad. Is there any fix for this?

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Take a look here if there can help you

Slow down to a speed of 320kn. That should fix the problem.

It’s a known issue

I really hope this issue gets fixed this year, this and the MD-11 are my favorite aircraft to fly.

It’s been so long. It’s hard to imagine that such an issue can’t be fixed for more than a year…

If you don’t have any experience with programming or coding it is actually very difficult. Fixing the issue could have caused performance issues or countless other problems for the developers.

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Please take a look at my response from not too long ago.

I flew the A321 for a little more than 3 hrs today without any issues.

At FL340 I was flying a speed of M0.79 at an 80% aircraft load. Give it a shot next time.


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