A321 unstable

Hi newbie to infinite, but have some experience with MSFS
For some reason the A321 as become slightly unstable.
Engines are constantly rising and falling in power and the the plane seems to osolate from side to side constantly.
It’s not the wind or weight and doubt it’s trim.
Is this a bug??? BTW this is all will AP on.

Hope you can advise

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Hi Stephen! Welcome to the forum and to Infinite Flight.

The A321 does have a bit of a corner case issue where it can wobble. We’re constantly trying to improve our AP and we are aware of this issue.

It largely stems from being a little too high at a little too heavy a weight for our current flight physics of the aircraft. This isn’t always the case, but it’s the most likely cause.

Try this setup for me and let me know if it helps:

Trim until pink is hidden on trim tab (anywhere from 0-30%)

Obviously the altitude can vary hugely due to weight so this is just for testing for you, but I find a lower alt and increased trim compared to the A319/320 works well and I never experience the wobble some folks have.



Forgot to add, also when taking off, the aircraft seems to veer suddenly to right when rolling out?

I’ve re calabrated my device, which is a S20 Ultra

… no improvement:(

Do any other Aircraft suffer with AP issue?


Will do
Thanks for advise :)

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