A321 Transatlantic

I want to do a flight from the New York region to London, and my question is realistically could the A321 do a transatlantic flight?

Realistically, yes. Many airlines, such as Air Transat and Aer Lingus use their A321’s for transatlantic flight. JetBlue is also planning to start transatlantic A321 services to London.

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What about the base model the a321-200

I’m not sure about the base model, but I know it has the range capabilities to make it.


Yes, it has about 100nm to spare

NVM I read wrong, yeah it’s realistic

Ok thank you! I will request to close the topic.

The A321 is MORE than capable flying transatlantic, I flew Dublin - Windsor Locks a while ago and landed with 3 hours of fuel left


Hello there!

As if by chance, yesterday (because it was through the night) I flew the A321 across the atlantic for the second time. As said by others it definitely way more than capable. Only advice is to stick under 36,000ft and fly at Mach .78 to avoid the aircraft from rocking around and stalling.

I also flew it for 6¾ hours a short while back from Montreal to Basel with no issues! It’s quite fun and satisfying flying a smaller aircraft across the Atlantic compared to the normal larger fleet.

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You could also fly the A318 as British Airways does.

if the 737 is able to do it i guess the a321 too

I did this flight a while ago 🙂

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Thank you so much everyone for your help! I also have a full load of passengers.

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You could even do it with a B737 :)

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Try not to carry a lot of weight, as that increases fuel consumption, but with the tailwind over the Atlantic I don’t think there is much of a problem. Good flight!

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Thank you!

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