A321 sways like crazy!

I know people have posted about this before, but just letting you all know my A321 is swaying like crazy right now. 54% load, M0.78, FL390. Literally simulating the real flight NK1049 w/ same stats. Winds 56kts.


It maybe becuase of the wind ( Even though i dont know why 56 knts will affect it)
But try to reduce your flight level to like 370 or 350?

Maybe your rudder is stuck on the right or left, side, that’s happened to me before. You can also try calibrating your device.

I did. Didn’t help.

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Well FL390 is a little high for an A321, did you step climb? I would suggest descending to a lower altitude and check in your weather settings to see how hard the turbulence is.

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Not stuck.

The real flight is flying at FL390. Turbulence automatic now.

FL390 is really high for the A321, that being said, the speed is probably slow as well. What is your airspeed?


hmmmm how far are you into your flight?

THe real flight I’m simulating is at the exact same altitude and speed.

1 hour, 28 minutes

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Like @AlaskaAirfireball111 said what your airspeed?

The IF A321 maxes at FL390. What is your airspeed?

Agree with @AlaskaAirfireball111, the A321 while can cruise easily at FL390 irl, might be challenging in Infinite Flight, especially at a average speed. Same problem with most aircraft in IF, especially in the 321 and 788

I put it in the original post. M0.78

I need the actual IAS (Indicated Airspeed) not the mach. This will help with seeing why your aircraft is swaying from side to side.

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GS 445; (224) is the speed


try increasing it to 454?

That is really low airspeed. To minimize the swaying lower your altitude to FL350


he said he did that and it didnt help