A321 Swaying

A321 is a good plane, but there is a problem of it since several versions ago. if use A321 to fly some Long-haul flights, the plane can’t fly stable about 32000feet even higher. the plane will Uncontrolled swaying. All weather factors are excluded, this problem seriously affected my flying experience.

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Weight and speed factors can contribute to the swaying. Planes can’t be at a certain altitude at a certain weight or speed. You may be too fast or too slow (A320 family aircraft usually cruise at M.78 or M.80 or you may be too heavy for the altitude. That’s why planes sometimes step climb (other than fuel reasons)


I flew yesterday with this aircraft at FL290, no winds and default temperature, weight was in the light side. Try flying lower and see if it behaves poorly again.

A321 has some weird flight characteristics, but it’s just kind of old. Stay under FL300 and you’ll be fine, it’s most efficient there anyways.

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Due to recent experience, im actually more inclined to say its due to weight distribution and wind direction. Ive recently experienced the “sways” at medium weight at FL350, but ive also has perfectly calm flights at heavier weights at FL380.

My money is on a combination of crosswinds, angle of attack and a tail heavy plane.

its swaying too strange, just like something are control it. I dont know how to post the video in this website, I’m pretty sure the wind is very light when I was flying over FL300.

I also found is situation on B737NG too, I dont know how can change it. I usually use 737-800 to flying a 7 hours traveling, so it means the fuel tank is totally full

Hi, in relation to stability, wind should never have any effect when climbing to cruise or at cruise. The aircraft is drifting with the wind mass, so from the aircraft’s perspective the wind is always zero and instead the ground is moving on its own (this is for steady crosswinds).

So, the aircraft feels no wind, even in a 150kt direct crosswind.

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