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Just a general question, on the a321, take-off and landing speeds are way higher than on the a320 (I find the a321 is only properly controllable at +150 kts whilst the a320 is more around 140kts). I know it’s going to be a bit higher due to the size difference but that seems a bit extreme and can cause some problems on shorter runways. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if that is true to life, if it’s an inaccuracy in the game or if it’s something I’ve been doing wrong?

(I don’t think this is a duplicate but feel free to let me know if there is a suitable answer elsewhere on the forum.)

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The speeds are highly depending on weight and weather conditions.

For the A320 it should be more around 132-138kts, and 135-145kts for the A321 (not too sure about the exact numbers for the A321 though.

With a high Landing Weight and strong headwinds speed up to 155kts can occur on the A321 in IRL as well though (I am nearly 100% sure here, but please correct me if wrong).

A good use of flaps and trim is helping to achieve a more realistic approach speed, check the tutorials and topic a on the IFC for more information on those things.

Yeah I tend to fill the plane up in terms of passengers, on 3hr+ flights so maybe I just have a particularly high landing speed due to my weight. Thanks for your response

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This from a my friend who is a pilot on the A321,

Rotation speed should be anywhere from 146-152kts depending on winds/weight/temp/airport.

Landing speed is no slower than 150kts.

Cruise speed is M.79/M.80



Yeah that sounds about right compared to what I do normally on the a321. Infinite Flight is more accurate than I thought! Thanks for the response

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Infinite Flight is typically quite realistic in terms of aircraft physics. On the newer aircraft at least. For the older aircraft you can’t expect much.

Thanks Frank this is a really useful resource

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