A321 shaking

Hi, I was just wondering why the a321 tends to shake up and down vigorously in pitch for no reason at cruising altitude. I’ve always had this problem and am wondering what I can do to stop it happening as there is a risk the plane stalls if the shaking gets too violent. Thanks.

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yeah its a known issue for a321. sadly nothing can be done by you

Oh I see. Thanks.

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This is a known issue for the Airbus A321.

Some say it’s best to disable the altitude during cruise and set the V/S to 0. Note, this is a temporary fix and nothing permanent has been found. I’m sure staff are aware of the issue and are looking for a fix.

For cruise I would recommend you this:

  • 2000-2500 till fl100
  • 1700 till fl 250
  • 1500 till ur final cruise

All these are based upon your weight if you’re more than MTOW then you’ll need to cruise up slowly with good speed


i notice that too with the 747 and a couple other Boeing aircraft

Interesting enough is that I hear it will do this in real life too if you level off to violently. .

heyo, since i love the A321 and if im flying a very short flight you can manually fly the plane

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