A321 Rudder Bug

I was checking out the new Delta livery on the A321. I was doing some short final landings on solo when I noticed that the rudder did nothing on the ground right after touchdown. When all 3 landing gears were on the ground and there were some few knot winds, it did absolutely nothing, when I slowed down to around 80 knots is when it started working and I could make my way to the centerline again. I tried it in different liveries to make sure, still same bug. But I don’t know if the other A320’s are like that, only A321.

My device is Samsung Galaxy S6 on LGA and another airport if it helps.(LGA still has that hill…)

How to recreate:
Land on any runway in the A321.
Use rudder right after touchdown

Not a bug. The rudder has a new feature built in which essentially stiffens it at higher ground speeds. This allows for takeoffs and landings to be more easily undertaken in crosswinds.