A321 Rotation Issue

Has anyone else noticed that the A321 struggles to rotate when you pull back on your device? You pretty much have to yank your device back to get the plane off the ground. The A318/19/20, however, gracefully comes off the ground with a smooth rotation. Will this be fixed in the near future?


I’ve personally never had any issues at all; with the proper use of trim the plane still handles quite well.


what speed are you rotating at?

Nope, no probs with the A320.

However, I’ve experienced what you had with every single plane in IF:

  • Forgot to switch on the other engine
  • Wrong flaps settings and Vr at high altitude airports
  • Wrong flaps settings for my weight and chosen Vr at any airports
  • Wrong Vr for my weight and flaps settings
  • Trim, and etc etc etc

I think you get the drift :p

This is my typical A321 configuration during takeoff at sea level:

  • Flaps 2
  • V1 @ 130 KTS
  • VR @ 140-150 KTS
  • Trim @ 30%

I have the same configuration for when I fly the A320, and it takes off like a charm. But for the A321, it’s almost like I have to yank back my device just to get the nose off the ground.

One of the things that should be your main priority is trim. I am not sure if it is realistic, but I typically have the trim set to around 25-45%.

Hope that helps!

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What weight is your typical load?

I would recommend you to use the In-Flight-assistant app

It has an internal perfomance calculator and it will give you callouts in your flights like Rotate and many more. Great app.

Flaps 2? Really? Wow

What load are you at?

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