A321 rocky sideways


Ok everyone, we are starting to repeat. Once the replay is posted we can learn more. Until then we are guessing.


As @Chris_S stated, use http://sharemyinfiniteflight.com/ and share it with us.

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Please focus on uploading the replay. A screen shot means nothing because we cant tell what was going on. We are trying to help.

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Ok will do that

The app says security checks wrong

Try again. Be sure to check the box for security.

Ok yeah I did thank but then it sau the file is not correct

You are uploading the replay that you exported from your replay screen? It wont accept screen shots or videos.

Yep it work but what do I do now email you

I need the URL/code that it gave you after uploading.

Oh ok here you go

OPJSTMJSAZ, and that is the code

Thanks. Please give me a bit to review it.

Ok I have fun

Have fun(correction)

As you were climbing through 23,000 you were going 2500 through 27000. It also looks like there was a connection issue at the end or an issue with the replay.

Bottom line is you were probably climbing too fast with your weight and started to stall. This was also a flight from October. It is usually best if you ask questions about a current flight so you can more easily recall what happened.


Ok thank alot for the solution I hope you have a very good evening