A321 rocky sideways

When I was on my flight from rsw to kord on spirit airlines on infinite flight it was rocking and it caused me to stall. I crashed in central Florida so can anyone tell me what happened?


What were the wind gusts?

Probably aloft winds. How bad was the wind? And what device were you on?

I checked it was 13

Got any footage from it?

what was your speed? also, what was your altitude?

260 miles per hour

40,000 ft in the air

Yes I do I have the footage

ok, did you immediately climb to fl400, or did you step climb.

I climbed immediately

Can you share your replay? (Not a video)

Chances are you were too high or too slow.

Too heavy for the altitude. Common mistake

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And that right there is a fatal error.

40,000 is pretty high for the A321. Lower your altitude to 38,000 or 36,000

that would most definitely be the issue.

Ok yeah I will show it

Please share it to us, you can use Drive or a seperate website to generate a link.

Please export it to your device and then upload it to sharemyinfiniteflight.com. It will give you a url, please paste that in here as a reply.

read this, it will help in the future.