A321 rocking

Just wondering if anyone has had any issues with the A321 rocking back and forth I’m at FL390 M0.77.

It’s been brought up quite a few times, FL390 also seems a bit high, try to fly a bit lower.



The A321 can fly at 390 but depends on the weight


Thanks that work


How heavy are you - whats your aircraft load %?

FL390 should only be used when light…


Yeah I didn’t take that into account lets just say I am on the samoo side ha.

sorry, should have clarified better: Through the aircraft can fly that high at specific weights, other users seem to be experiencing problems around that ball park. Therefore it would be best to not fly so high for the time being.


It seems like 390 is a no-go for the A321, if you filter the A321s above FL385, you get this…


This right here

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Let’s also not forget speed…too many people fly these narrowbody aircraft at Mach .85….the A321 is stable around Mach .78 to .80. Even .82 but in my experience I wouldn’t exceed that.


Do it only if your flying Spirit, as shown in the map.


It’s kind of fun to take it up to fl400 in solo mode and see what you can get away with. You can change the load mid flight, and see how it affects your ability to maintain speed.

More weight at a given speed means more AoA which increases drag, and you get to a point of not being able to maintain speed - full throttle and speed unavoidably decreases.

Then you can lower the weight in bits until you see a weight where the AoA drag is not more than your thrust at 100% throttle.

But far as, as much speed as possible while still being under redline, I couldn’t see that it increased instability at all.

Definitely you can dial in a weight, when you’re up there at fl400 which is just too much to stay aloft. You can see it in front of your own eyes, which is pretty cool.

As long as I’m at an ok weight for my altitude, I sometimes toggle heading hold off and on and it stops the rocking.

Just use Simbrief next time you fly the A321 or any aircraft so you don’t encounter this problem.

Simbrief shows you what altitude to be at for the desired weight you have put in.

I have created this document where you can see the maximum weight for each flight level for the A321 - look at the 80% power column. If you don’t exceed that, you won’t have any issues in IF :)

I think that this is an issue in IF, in real life these aircraft cruise even at FL390 with more load than what IF allows.

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