A321 Rocking Side To Side

Good Day IF,

I was climbing to 37,000 today on a flight from Portland to Las Vegas on a Spirit A321 when my aircraft started to roll side to side at about 34,000 ft and it increased so much i quit my flight. I was going about mach 0.75 and wind going about 15 kts tailwind. I’ve had this problem before but i’ve never seemed to make it work. Can anyone help me out?

I would say Mach 0.75 is pretty slow, especially around FL340. I would increase to 0.77- 0.78.

The other thing is FL370 will be a struggle for the A321, I will tend to fly between FL320 and FL350.

What was your rate of climb?

at that point it was 1000

OK. I would say you were close to stall speed if you weren’t at .75… Can you share the replay with us?

yeah although i’ve seen most fly at that level on FlightRadar24

judging from what I got, I’d say you were both too slow and climbing too quickly. Your speed should be around 0.78 Mach and by that altitude, I’d be climbing slower, like ~500 fpm

You also could have just been a bit too heavy for that altitude. All of these factors could have contributed


Ok thanks @Thomas_Cunningham

No problem :)

I don’t know when you checked, but these are all A321 flying above FL365 using FlightRdar 24.

As you can see, there are very few of them flying this high.

I’d recommend, as said previously, flying at FL350 or lower.


Also check out this guide to the A320/21 for weight and altitude.A320/A321 cruising altitudes - Google Docs
I use this with my friend @Jakub_Astary and credit goes all to him for making it.