A321 rocking above 300 knots

I’ve noticed with the 321, it rocks above 300 knots. Anyone else have this issue?


What’s the wind like.

55 knots , off the port.

There’s your answer

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I pretty much figured you have to take off at 8 lower speed until cruising altitude regardless of the Winds

As long as you stay under 250 kts below 10,000 no issues. When you get above 29,000 don’t exceed .78 as that’s the 321’s cruise. and don’t go above 39,000 as that’s it’s max celling hight


The A321 also has a known issue that the devs are working on. To maintain stable flight, set your altitude to one higher than your preferred altitude, and then set VS to 0.


Thanks for the info alphadog4646

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Some times I do jfk to mco and when I’m at bye south jersey at 24000 feet the plane goes up and down and I lose control I’m near the ocean though like 20 to 30 miles near the beach

Shouldn’t be connected to the wind conditions but rather to this known issue:

That has also happened to me on the 747-8.

I always have this problem to, this happens with A321 when you’re going to fast

Is 300kts your airspeed or groundspeed

The Airbus A321 is known for some issues by a number pilots for now. As said by @TaipeiGuru for the solution as fo now.

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